How can I find out if a product is available?

  • Everything you find on is available. By selecting the item you want and opening the product detail page, you can see its characteristics and the available colors, leathers, heel sizes and shoe sizes.  The list will automatically update when you select the leather, color or heel size.

Is it possible to order made-to-measure footwear?

  • A made-to measure service is not currently available. All of the available products are listed on the website: you can find your favourite shoes or boots in the catalogue and order them directly online.

Why are some items listed as "pre-order"?

  • For some of the products it is possible to order them in advance and receive them before they are available in other shops. These products will be listed as “pre-order”: you can see the available colors, leathers, heel heights and shoe sizes and order them in advance, receiving them as soon as they are available. When you place the order, you can see the date from which the item will be available and you will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as the order is ready to be sent out.